Taking note of the art. 13th of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196, the Participant authorizes the coordinator Company of the the use and disclosure of his personal information, for purposes related to the event. The participant agrees to the treatments specified in the informative material related, authorizing the sending of the next events or various initiatives proposed by the coordinators but also any photographic film and for making videos, message boards, publication in print and site (including downloads)



1 ) The Participant agrees to assume, under penalty of exclusion from the tour, a behavior consistent with the principles of honesty and fairness during the tour and not to take , in any case, a conduct contrary to the law and the rules of the regulation that could endanger their own or others’ safety ;

2 ) The Participant exoners the coordinators from any liability, direct or indirect, for any material and non-material  damages and /or expenses (including attorney’s fees), which may arise as result of participation in the tour, and also as a result of their behavior;

3 ) The Participant, finally, accepting this declaration (putting the flag on it), assumes any liability that may arise practicing the activities and raises the coordinators from all civil and criminal matters, even objectively, as a result of injuries caused to oneself or other people, and sicknesses that could onset during the entire duration of the event, or caused from the use of infrastructures and raises the coordinators from any liability related to theft and /or damage to any personal item .

Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles . 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code the Participant declares to have carefully examined all the clauses contained in the declaration of exemption from liability of the organizers and specifically agrees all the items listed.